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Super SPLASH - July 2003

The 6th annual Sport Lap Around St. Helens.

The Women's Class for Thundercross SPLASH 2003.

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Racer Girl shows us how to look good and ride well through the curves.A textbook example of looking through the turn while initiating a low speed maneuver.






If you want to know how it's done...



Carving some concrete isn't just for boys. Show em how it's done Deb!


Just look as Debbie carves the curves with her Triumph Speed Triple.



Joy sets up for a hairpin turn at Thundercross SPLASH 2003





Harvey works the corner while Joy maneuvers Buella around a hairpin turn for second place in the Women's class.



My 2001 Buell Blast flicks easily through the curves.


Yours truly rides the Buell Blast, complete with saddle bags, for the first time on a Thundercross course.

Lo rides the only Buell Blast on the Thundercross circuit.






Lorraine Scott takes the win for Women's class in Thundercross SuperSPLASH 2003



The light-weight single cylinder Buell Blast loved flicking through the turns at Thundercross SuperSPLASH 2003.

Thundercross SuperSPLASH 2003 Plaque - I won First Place at my inaugural event

With a lot of help from our friends...
We had a great motorcycling weekend!

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