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Super SPLASH - July 2003

The 6th annual Sport Lap Around St. Helens.

SuperSPLASH 2003 boasts the largest gathering since Blue Groove NorthWest (1997)
A choice of motorcycle routes to please all riders.
A Thundercross event to top off the most fun you can have on two wheels

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Sporty Eric does a lap - Corner worker Steve & Thundercross Trailer in background


Thanks to
Dave (Gumby) and Sharon
for organizing the event.

Proceeds go toward the Diabetes Foundation.



Special thanks to Bob Gussenhoven for drumming up the following sponsors:

Interwest Development
Cycle Gear of Washington
Cycle Gear of Oregon

Cascade Peaks campground provided their RV parking lot for this closed circuit event. Enjoy these photos of the low speed motorcycle event, known locally, as Thundercross.

Throttle control and feathering the clutch enable a rider to make it through this slow speed course


Don practices on the Thundercross course, eventually taking first place for the Sport Touring class.Don looks through the turn as he maneuvers his Buell S3 through the course.






A wider look at the Thundercross track - Don riding his Buell ThunderboltDon takes another lap through the Thundercross circuit on his 1999 Buell S3.







Finessing a Thundercross corner - Galen on a BMW

Galen takes second place for the Sport Touring class on a 1983 Cafe Racer style BMW.

Riding the wheels off this BMW, Galen takes second place in Sport Touring class







Jerry rides the wheels off his Honda VFR.


Jerry (Ferris Bueller) proves it's not the ride...
but the rider.
Jerry's four cylinder Honda struts it's stuff on the Thundercross circuit

There's more photos to enjoy. Click to see more Thundercross pictures!


BCrider Guy (copyrighted)

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