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Super SPLASH - July 2003

Enjoy more photos from Sport Lap Around St. Helens.

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Buell motorcycles begin this event 6 years ago. Now, any sportbike will do for SPLASH.

Dave with his Buell M2 from Spirit Lake look out on Mount St. HelensCanadian Buells resting in the shade as head south in Washington State.







A good turn out of motorcycles - everything from Buell, BMW, Triumph, Suzuki, Honda and Harley

A great turn out for this motorcycle group event. BMW, Buell, Honda, Triumph, Harley and Suzuki's were present.








After the 1980 blast of Mount St. Helens, 23 years of regrowth is a sight to behold.


My 2001 Buell Blast with aftermarket mods - another great ride!









Michael and Linda stop for a photo op before continuing along the twisty road of St. Helens.


Michael and Linda head off for some motorcycling fun on their BMW.







Astride our motorcycles, St. Helens volcano creates the feeling of insignificance.Mount St. Helens looms in the distance, as if were Cindy vs the Volcano - SuperSPLASH 2003








Good buddies, Lo and Cindy enjoy the view of Spirit Lake.


Taking a break from the twisties - Mount St. Helens 2003







Duane's newest ride - Triumph Daytona

 The motel parking lot looked like an inpromptu motorcycle show.







Kim and her ride, a Triumph Speed Triple named SweetPea. You rock babe!Brent rode the wheels off this BMW Adventure - the spark show from dragging the kickstand was a sight to behold.








The after-math of SuperSPLASH 2003 - Hangin at Bob N Deb's in Tacoma.

Our SPLASH group weren't the only motorcycles to cruise the ribbon of asphalt. From sportbikes and cruisers to dual sport motorcycles, St. Helens is a playground for all.







Don chats with Jerry while he packs up his Honda VFR.


Fleeing the Blast zone is more fun on a motorcycle. Michael's BMW rides on...

 Fireman Jim fires up his Buell S3.

Dave Despain Eat Your Heart Out! Our own Chris Taylor knows how to relax after a great day of motorcycling.

Never hurts to shop around. Don tries out Duane's ride.








Dave (Spudman) takes a twilight ride on his Buell Cyclone M2.

Here's a rare sight - A Buell S3 Thunderbolt resting on the shady roadside.



If you were there... you'd smile in remembrance of the fun infused at this event.





Our friends in Washington and Oregon once again succeeded in organizing a great event. Making certain we had maps and support along the way.
Thanks so much Chris, Loni, Bob, Deb and others I may not have named!

Jerry aka Ferris Bueller rides again, this time on a Honda VFR. Jerry struts his stuff on a Honda VFR for SPLASH revisited.

Enjoy the next round of photos. Thundercross event pictures are next!


BCrider Guy (copyrighted)

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