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Super SPLASH - July 2003

The 6th annual Sport Lap Around St. Helens.

Motorcyclists from California, Oregon, Washington and Canada converge for some
of the best roads of the NorthWest.

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8 am - time to saddle up!

Steeped in adventurous flavour from the onset.

Choices was the root theme for this motorcycle group ride.
And it all began with Starbucks.

Meet us at Starbucks - proved more challenging than we thought!

Let's meet at Starbucks in Langley.
A plan that proved more challenging than anticipated, with one on every street corner.
Finally, eight Canadian motorcycles head for the US border and crossed without delay.

We honed our group pull-over maneuvering skills. Eight motorcycles is plenty to work with.
Even the weather cooperated.

One of the first years we didn't have to pray heavily to the weather gods.
The entire road trip was blessed with beautiful summer conditions.

Traveling south along Route 9 to avoid the Washington interstate, there was light traffic and minimal interruption.


Motorcycles await the day's ride around Mount St. Helens for our 6th annual SPLASH event.


The modest gas tank of the Buell S1 and Blast set precedence for fuel stops.

Due for a break from the heat we had lunch at a little pub along the roadside in Carnation.

On the road, the only problem encountered was with Shawn's Buell S3. A nut worked it's way off the header stud. We stopped at an automotive shop in Maple Valley and replaced it in no time.


The motorcycle journey continued without dilemma.

Even the motorcycles showed enthusiasm for the great weather we were having for the sixth annual SPLASH group ride.


Our choice to ride the back side of Mount St. Helens brought us late to Woodland, Washington. We missed fun in the sun at Horseshoe Lake with the ski-boat supplied by Dave (Spudman).

We also missed a great barbecue hosted by Chris and Loni and the socializing that went along with it. But choosing to ride those switchback roads around the volcano was worth the exhilaration!


Canadians take some shade and mingle with our American friends.


Looking forward to riding a full day tomorrow.

Take a moment and think before you ride. With a group this large, it takes finesse to keep it together.






We were amazed by the turn out.


SuperSPLASH riders gather for this 6th annual motorcycle group ride.Horseshoe Lake in Woodland is the perfect place to gather before storming through the twisties of Mount St. Helens









At last count, we had forty-one motorcycles roaring toward the mountain.

Fourty one at last count - says Ferris Bueller - founder of the original SPLASH motorcycle ride.

The road twisting up to this Lava Canyon look out at Mount St. Helens is as awesome as the scenery.

There was a choice of two routes.

The annual SPLASH route provided the twisties of Mount St Helens with an opportunity for tourist sightseeing.

The SuperSPLASH route included the Hood River and points between for a longer thrilling ride.Still in the Blast Zone of Mount St Helens - roadside to help a fellow biker.




We took the shorter route and ventured up Windy Ridge to witness the devastation that befell Mount St. Helens. Thankfully over the years greenery has begun to overtake some of the desolate areas.

Kinship within the realm of bikers is an amazing thing.

A friend helped a motorcyclist stranded with a flat tire. Although not part of our group, we cured a fellow motorist's helplessness and got him on his way.

When stopped at the roadside, SHADE is a popular commodity.



Life continues beyond the volcano as motorcycles roar through the twining asphalt to converge on the sleepy town of Packwood.



We stayed in a motel on the outskirts of town.The Crest Trail Lodge is a great place for our large motorcycle group to stay.
With the exception of three rooms, we had the entire place booked that Saturday night.

Bikers on a blanket - what better way to slough off a good day's ride? Blankets and booze.







Kicking back after a great day of motorcycling around Mount St. Helens


The parking lot was buzzing with activity, looking like an impromptu motorcycle show with over 38 entries.
Buell, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, BMW's old and new - a motorcycle enthusiast's vacation to be sure!



Triumph, Harley, Buell, Honda, Suzuki... many motorcycles were represented at this annual group ride event as they take over the entire parking lot at our Motel.Brent, Harvey and Don - chew the fat over Harvey's Hondamatic.








The balmy evening breeze kept away mosquitoes as we bench raced and bonded over exciting stories of the great ride.

A great mix of motorcycle enthusiasts converge on a sleepy little town in the North West.

Sunday morning promises more motorcycle fun in the sun.

Thundercross at SPLASH 2003 truly made it a Super weekend of riding.

Bob Gussenhoven, Chris Taylor and others helped raise funds for a Thundercross motorcycle event at a nearby campground.

Thanks to sponsors Interwest Development and CycleGear in Washington and Oregon for generously providing a great event to top off a fantastic groupFun Jimmy lives up to his name on his Buell S1 at Thundercross SPLASH 2003 ride.


Sharon and Gumby (Dave) were awesome at running the event and providing a professional set up with proceeds going to the Diabetes Foundation. Chris, Steve and Harvey (among others) were volunteer flag people, directing participants through the course.

Brian wins the Sport Bike class on his Honda Hawk at Thundercross SPLASH 2003






Although I've attended a few such events, this was my inaugural participation. Nervous at first, one soon concentrates on maneuvering through the chalk and cone course to beat the fastest Racer Girl - Deb shows us how it's done on the Thundercross course for SPLASH 2003time.

Riding my 2001 Buell Blast through the Thundercross circuit at SPLASH 2003.

Everyone had a great time. Unfortunately there was a minor mishap when Deb high-sided during a practice lap.

Thankfully she sustained only minor injuries and was able to ride home.
(Heal up quick Deb, Border Raid is next!)

Thundercross SPLASH 2003 - Quickest times for Sport Bike, Sport Touring and Women's class



I placed first in the Women's category on my Buell Blast. Joy took second place on her Buell S3T.

Riding a Honda Hawk, Brian won first in the sportbike class with Bob in hot pursuit on his Triumph ;SpeedTriple. (Only 6/100th of a second between 1st and 2nd place).


Don scrapes the shifter peg as his tightens up the turns at Thundercross SPLASH 2003.Bob finesses a corner during Thundercross SPLASH 2003


In the sport touring class Don placed first on his Buell S3 and Galen came in second on a Cafe Racer style BMW.



Galen works the old BMW through the Thundercross circuit at SPLASH 2003



Thanks to Cascade Peaks Campground for the use of their space. Seems to be a nice place to camp if you ever get the chance.


Winding down after a super weekend of motorcycling. Thanks Bob & Deb!


We chose to stay another night for a fresh start homeward in the morning.

Thanks to Bob and Debbie's hospitality, we were able to enjoy our American friends for another night, prolonging the festivities.


Bikes find some shade at Cascade Peaks campground during Thundercross SPLASH 2003




Another motorcycle ride for the memory book.

There's more photos to enjoy. Click to see what's next!


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