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Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

The Eighth annual SPLASH motorcycle riding adventure - Photos Page 2


 And this is our lovely bartender... Lisa.

Although many of us rode down separately on Friday, we jelled easily at the motel.

Fat and happy after the BBQ feast that Loni & Chris so generously provide each year.

This year's ride was smaller than usual. It mostly consisted of the core riders that participate every year.

We are always happy to add another happy rider to the group. It is a pleasure to spend time off the bikes, socializing with everyone.

It still amazes me how well we all get along. Check your attitude at the door or you'll just be laughed into submission!

Even those big burly biker types (Shawn?) aren't immune to the clowning around!

Such a close-knit group of friends, that even those that couldn't partake in the ride still made the party.

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Another happy patron... Galen hams it up in yet another unique T-shirt.
 Ride all day, stand all night!  Motels are great for motorcyclists. Especially when the chairs aren't nailed down.

Smoke... drink and be happy! For tomorrow we RIDE ! ! ! Now there really is a good story behind this one... No clowning around..... really!   Galen and Lorraine (that's me)... very bad monkeys indeed! (Get the symbolizm, people?!?)

Check out pictures from our main ride Saturday!
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