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Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

The Eighth annual SPLASH motorcycle riding adventure in 2005 marks a big change.


 Don, Lisa, Deb, Bob and Duane

Sport Lap Around St. Helens began in Woodland, WA and we stayed there for the duration of our fabulous motorcycling weekend.

We had a place to unpack for the entire weekend and enjoy our spirited ride in the outskirts of the volcano without the burden of saddlebags.

Our trip began on Thursday morning as we hitch onto the back roads from B.C. to Tacoma, WA. Bob and Debbie had a great BBQ and never faltered as generous hosts.

Sharing food and drink with everyone was quite an elixir. It was a treat to see Brandon and Duane up and about after their unfortunate incident. Really great to see them healing up. I am in awe of the hard work these guys have gone through during recovery.

After a night's rest Don, Debbie and I continued south toward Woodland with a preview ride of the backside of St. Helens before reaching the motel and the oasis that is Horseshoe Lake.

Loni and Chris took care of weary riders gathered from all points in the North West with a BBQ at the lakeside. We primed up Friday night, re-acquainting with like-minded craziness, anticipating the adventurous ride Saturday morning.

When we weren't ripping up the backroads of St. Helens or gouging out asphalt in the Gorge it was great to kick back at the lake to cool down. At the motel, a convenient swagger away, others stretched out for some socializing and usual mayhem.

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 Duane and Lisa - great to see ya!
 Lori (nice to meet ya!) and (good to see) Steve (again)  We all support ya! - Duane and Brandon in foreground

This is Brandon's Buell S1 after locking horns with an SUV.
Yes, he got the license number of the truck that hit em. Ouch, nature of the beast!                              Here's another painful look. But knowing Brandon came out alive, it's a little bareable to view.

And here's a look at Duane's Triumph Daytona from the same incident.
Painful, yet repairable!
Duane's Triumph Daytona - broken but repairable. Thank goodness the same goes for the rider!  The Daytona's wheel with build-in cutaway view. Guess there's a new wheel on order.  Needs new tail feathers...

There are more adventures ahead!
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