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Advertising supports the free information on this site.

SPLASH 2004 - Photos Page 4

Enjoy these photos from another spectacular group motorcycle roadtrip.

Thanks to the Sunset Thunder Club, Chris & Loni, Gary (Acid Burn), Steve (Shotgun), Mike & Kimberlie,
Bob & Deb (Buellnuts) and anyone else not mentioned by name here.

Thank you for another memorable roadtrip! Great seeing friends and meeting new ones.

{Mouse-over each photo for editorial comments. Click photo to enlarge}

New SPLASH participant Tracie takes a helping of beans at Acid Burn's BBQ Saturday.

Acid Burn set up a BBQ and provided steaks & beans for the road weary riders.

Happy Campers - Don, Matt, Steve, Jack, Duane and Harv.

Good eats.

Okay ladies, lets see the food!

Good fun.

Break out the cubans...

Colourful company.

Bob thanks Acid Burn and the rest of the SPLASH organizers.

Bob grabs everyone's attention to thank those that made SPLASH possible.

SPLASH always provides IN YOUR FACE FUN for everyone.

Hot Shotgun... Pull my finger!
Steve made the Buell quilt for the raffle.
Spudman won, WTG!

Enjoying the last of the day. We show graditude to Loni for organizing SPLASH.

Loni accepts thanks for putting on Friday's Q and organizing SPLASH.

Already a crowd favourite - Cody Wood enjoys the limelight.

Young Racer Cody says a few words.

Let's face it, we're all just a bunch of softies. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Stogies and fogies...
sorry I just couldn't resist!

Enough politeness, let's get crazy.

Watching the sun go down and stars come out.

A great day melts into a great evening.

Good gathering at the hotel picnic area.

Another great SPLASH event to talk about... Can't wait for BorderRaid!

Bob lets Chris say a few words after a full day.

Jim, Craig and Kimberlie had the unfortunate fate of being the minor casualies this weekend. Thank goodness you're all okay!

Still smiling after bravery in combat
against the forces of gravity.

Cindy & Brent at Johnston Ridge in the direct path of Mount St Helen's blast.

Sunday morning we road up the North side of Mount St Helens. Taking in the high-speed sweepers to Johnston Ridge.

Lorraine & Don versus the mountain.

Volcano. What volcano?


The group splits off to find a rear tire. We took Hwy 7 North at our leisure. It pays to be prepared :)

Time to head back to reality.
God Speed Everyone!


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