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Advertising supports the free information on this site.

SPLASH 2004 - Photos Page 3

Enjoy these photos from another spectacular group motorcycle roadtrip.

Thanks to the Sunset Thunder Club, Chris & Loni, Gary (Acid Burn), Steve (Shotgun), Mike & Kimberlie,
Bob & Deb (Buellnuts) and anyone else not mentioned by name here.

Thank you for another memorable roadtrip! Great seeing friends and meeting new ones.

{Mouse-over each photo for editorial comments. Click photo to enlarge}

Chris talks at the rider's meeting. Be safe, ride smart!

Chris reminds riders to stay safe and always ride within your limitations during the rider's meeting.

Riders prepare to SPLASH!

Ready for the day's ride on the 7th annual SPLASH event.

About 30 Motorcycles gather for this annual group ride event.

Buell, Triumph, Harley, BMW...
It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it!

All makes of motorcycles enjoy this event. Just ride!

Beautiful weather makes for good roads.

Ride like you've got eyes in the back of your head!

Keep your Eye on the Road.

Young Cody Wood rides pillion with his dad Mike. Slow group? Hell no!

Cody rides with his dad Mike.

Brent & Cindy take a break from their BMW and enjoy the view of Mount St Helens

Brent & Cindy take time to view the scenery.

Have to stop and enjoy the view. Can't take your eyes off these roads when riding!

Mount St. Helens still shows devastation from the 1980 eruption.

Regrowth is slow but steady for the areas surrounding Mount St. Helens

Stop at a viewpoint to get your bearings.

Spectacular scenery to compliment amazingly twisty roads just made for motorcycles.

Interesting views to be enjoyed off the motorcycle.

Riding is one thing, but if you don't stop and look around, you'd miss so many interesting things.

Bizarre landscape carved during Mount St. Helens blast.

We were like liquid silver, tearing up the road to Windy Ridge.

Don & Brent stretch out after a brisk run up Windy Ridge.

Each year the terrain is altered slightly. The lava dome gets bigger everyday!

Looking into the Lava Dome.

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