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Advertising supports the free information on this site.

SPLASH - Sport Lap Around St. Helens

2004 - 7th Annual Motorcycling Roadtrip

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The inaugural roadtrip for my 2004 BMW F650CS - ride on!



I can't think of a better place to get to know a motorcycle than the seductive roads surrounding Mount St. Helens in Washington State.



Variety packed curveous roads have you at full throttle one moment then extreme lean around a hairpin turn the next.


Loni takes Cody for a swim in the lake at their annual SPLASH bbq.


The annual SPLASH roadtrip gets better each year. We stay with friends Bob & Deb on the first and last night of our adventure. Friends Chris and Loni put on a festive BBQ at Horseshoe Lake with all the fixin's.

It's a great beginning to the ride where everyone reaquaints and meet new participants.



SPLASH newcomer Pete grabs some refreshment while Shotgun and Bobby G look on. Acid Burn, Galen and Pete's wife Janel in background.



Each year they manage to out-do the last. Such a generous group of people we are blessed to ride with.

Thanks for everything Loni and Chris!





The first leg of the ride had many gravel strewn areas which forced one into immediate concentration.

Many participants were familiar with the roads and helped the others by waving them on at unmarked turn offs.  The group then stretched out and split off to enjoy two routes.


Bruised but not broken these riders have their own stories to tell.


Unfortunately there were a few get offs on this trip. Thankfully everyone is alright. Although one friend was taken to hospital she will recover with minor injuries. All motorcycles, except her Triumph Speed Triple was rideable for the rest of our journey.

God-speed on your recovery!



Bizarre landscape carved by the violent eruption of Mount St. Helens



We had dry, hot temperatures throughout each day.





We stopped at viewpoints to enjoy scenery that was otherwise blurred while twisting on amusement park-like roads.


Everyone enjoyed Acid Burn's (orange shirt) BBQ. Was a great way to recline after a hard day's riding adventure. New comer to SPLASH; Tracie pours on the beans.




Our last night we partied it up in Packwood, WA. Acid Burn (Gary) treated the roadweary riders to some steaks on the barby. Food and drink for all to enjoy. Thanks Gary!


The Sunset Thunder Club; motorcycle riders in the NorthWest also sponsor fellow riders Mike & Kimberlie's son Cody Wood with his rising star in motorcycle racing.

Young racer Cody Wood charms the group with his unbridled enthusiasm for motorcycling.


Shotgun (Steve) created a quilt out of Buell and Buell riding adventure t-shirts. This quilt was raffled with proceeds going to Cody Wood Racing and his upcoming Nationals competition. Fellow SPLASH participant that couldn't make the ride this year was the lucky drawn name; Spudman (Dave) you rock!

Bob Gussenhoven did a great job as MC to honor Cody, Acid Burn and Steve as well as Chris and Loni for their honorable hosting of our first get-together BBQ.


Bob extends thanks to Chris Taylor for his generosity for planning this event, the lakeside BBQ and Steve for his creativity in making the Buell Quilt


In the shadow of personal strife they chose to let us help for a brief moment with the burden of loss.

Our prayers out to you both.

Sunday morning after breakfast, the group thinned out in the direction of home. A group of us headed up the north side of Mount St Helens toward Johnston Ridge.




The road strewn with long sweeping turns dotted with plenty of space to overtake slow moving species.

Lo, Cindy and Brent gear up for the ride back from Johnston Ridge, Mount St Helens.


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