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NOVICE RIDERS Motorcycle Riding Tips

Don't fixate on the on-coming traffic. Scan the road for possible hazards such as potholes, manhole covers, pedestrians, etc.


Starting Out
Think like a rider.
Choose a motorcycle.
Learn basics of Clutch, Throttle and Brakes.

Practice riding
Throttle & Clutch
Parking Lot practice
Sample motorcycle exercises

Low Traffic riding
Shifting gears
Riding conditions
Traffic situations

Progressive riding
Counter steering
Highway riding
Wind Turbulence

Carry a Passenger

Click for great beginner motorcycle riding tips!
Learning how to ride a motorcycle can be intimidating, especially without moral support from friends and family.

Your determination to practice and learn motorcycle riding techniques will make you a better rider.

Use the Novice Menu to view sections for basic technique and practice tips to help you become a better motorcyclist.

View photos for proper riding posture and demonstrate where a rider should be looking during a manuever.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just need some moral support while you learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Ride on...


Ready to ride? Put on your jacket, motorcycle helmet and gloves.

Live in British Columbia?

Visit Local riding section to read about my experience as a new motorcyclist in British Columbia.

Find local information about learning to ride a motorcycle.

small pylonReady for the first level?

Starting Out
Think like a rider.
Choose a motorcycle.

Basic Clutch, Throttle and Brakes.


Just need a refresher?

Get into the RIDE MIND
Read typical scenarios that help you focus on staying safe on a motorcycle. for enthusiast motorcycling online!

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Get familiar with a motorcycle

Before you even start the motor, sit on a bike and get familiar with the controls.

Motorcycles come in many styles but the basic functions are the same.

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Left Handlebar
Clutch lever and left handgrip.

Right Handlebar
Front brake lever and throttle control handgrip.

Left Foot
Shifter Peg - Down one for first gear. Half notch up for neutral. Up for second, third and so on.

Right Foot
Rear brake pedal.

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Have a quick tip? Have a question?

Send your Comments & questions.



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