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Rippin' Up the Rockies - June 2003
Race City Motorsport Park in Calgary, Alberta

Superbike Races - heading to pit rowThese motorcycles are fast - that why it's called Superbike Racing!


Following the stunt riders racing begins!

Rain drizzled on and off during the entire event.



It's gridlock at RaceCity in Calgary Alberta

Clint McBain had pole-position for the Parts Canada National Superbike Championship race. Steve Crevier (current points leader) qualified second. Pascal Picotte qualified for third on the grid.

Starting grid for SuperBikes

Racers enter the bus stop chicane at RaceCity Calgary AB



Entering the "bus stop" chicane.



SuperBikes race through the bus stop at RaceCity



Close up of the Bus Stop chicane at RaceCity

Close up of Superbikes in the bus stop chicane.



Corner workers keep busy at the bus stop
Close up of Superbikes going through Bus Stop chicane at RaceCity, Alberta






Exiting the bus stop chicane - twist that throttle!


Full throttle exiting the Bus Stop chicane.



Great view of the keyhole exit.


The keyhole exit provides a good close up for spectators.



Staging for a race - adrenalin pumping A signature worth capturing... Pascal Picotte

 Len Creed - intrepid magazine editor, hard at workBRAG Rippin up the Rockies group enjoying the motorcycle racing

It was great having VIP status...  use of a tent to keep dry and some BBQ to feed the hungry race fans.


Between events we roamed through the paddock taking in the race atmosphere as teams prepared for motorcycle racing.

 Suzuki in the paddocks - Steve Crevier Team Suzuki's trailer in the paddock at RaceCity, AB

Motorcycle racer heads back to paddock area at Racecity, AlbertaRobbie Baird does a victory lap after winning a 600 Sport Bike race.





Robbie Baird from Queensland, Australia
takes the checkered flag for the Pro 600 Sport Bike
race held at RaceCity Motorsport Park June 8, 2003.

Superbike racers on the podium


Pro 600 Sport Bike podium finish

Racers celebrate Victory on the podium at RaceCity Motorsport Park in Calgary ABFirst:
Robbie Baird
Pascal Picotte
Steve Crevier




 Alright! A Buell in the paddock. Ride on...

Pete Donegan of Calgary, racing his #70 Buell did well in the race later that day. Too bad some of us missed it. Had to head West before the day got old and too rained out.

It was great seeing a Buell in the paddock!


Entering the Blast Zone on my 2001 Buell P3 Blast - finishing last leg of BRAG 2003 ride.

This BRAG adventure was over.
Time to head for home.
And yes... I definitely had a BLAST! - Canadian motorcycle riding in southern British Columbia.

Hope you enjoyed my photo collection of Rippin' Up the Rockies 2003.

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There will be more motorcycle roadtrips, so come on back and see us again!
Ride on...

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