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Rippin' Up the Rockies - June 2003
Banff to Calgary, Alberta

Harley-Davidson/Buell of Southern Alberta hosted Buell demo rides for the afternoon. By evening everyone was ready for some fun, food and frolicking on the sundeck of the Toad & Turtle in Calgary. Thanks Southern HD/Buell!

 Lots of laughs at the Toad n Turtle pub - Calgary, Alberta. Len and the girls... big surprise, not. Jeff, Marni and Len Creed

 Marcel, Jeff, Marni, Len and Andrea  Andrea, Scott Stomp and Lorraine

Lorraine, Marni, Andrea - Girl Buell Riders!

After dinner and door prizes at the pub, some took in the festivities on Melrose to celebrate Harley's 100th anniversary in Calgary.


We went to the hotel to cap off the evening.


Tuck in the Buells for the night in Calgary hotel courtyard.

Nighttime in Calgary - BRAG Rippin Up the Rockies

They let us park the motorcycles in hotel courtyard.

Which made for some nice scenery into the evening.

Buell Blast rider - posing as a V-rod fan. Vroom, vroom.

Shhh... don't tell Len
we're playing around on the V-Rod!

Tom snubs his M2 to sit on the Harley V-Rod.

Time to turn in...
Tomorrow is SuperBike Racing Day at RaceCity in Calgary! - Canadian motorcycle riding in southern British Columbia.

Enjoy my collection of photos.
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