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Rippin' Up the Rockies - June 2003
Kamloops, BC to Banff, AB

The Canadian Rockies

Banff, Alberta was our next stop on this BRAG Touring Rally.
Along the way most riders saw wildlife. Mostly deer, moose and bears.

Alberta wildlife - you never know what you'll see

... at times we were the wildlife.Beautiful Banff - nice little roads to flick the Buell around on.






The Bow River - Banff, AlbertaThe next day Jeff and Marni led John and I around
Banff for a bit of motorcycle site seeing.

Beautiful Banff Alberta

BRAG ride - Bow River, Banff Banff, Alberta - Bow River Buell buddies pose by the Bow River in Banff Alberta

Fast friends - Lorraine and Marni - Buell riders   Buell riders in Banff Alberta - BRAG Rippin Up the Rockies touring rally

After playing around the twisty roads of Banff,
we road onward to Calgary Alberta. - Canadian motorcycle riding in southern British Columbia.

Enjoy my collection of photos.
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