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Rippin' Up the Rockies - June 2003
Whistler to Kamloops

Riders schmooze with the man himself; ERIK BUELL.
Deeley's House of Buell hosted dinner at the Crab Shack
Erik Buell and Sylvia of Fred Deeley Imports

Wednesday evening after the opening ceremonies in Whistler, Deeley's House of Buell hosted dinner at the Crab Shack.

Joined by Erik Buell, everyone mingled and got to know each other while enjoying a buffet of fajitas and other great food and drink.

Some stayed late while others turned in early, anticipating the next day's ride.

Some riders headed out after the 9:00 am rider's meeting while others left before or after. It was nice to not rush through the experience. Everyone rode at their own pace.

Those not able to ride the entire trip mingle with BRAG riders Scott, Dave, Roger and Charlie.
BRAG members mingle with local riders that joined the festivities.
BRAG members socialize at the CrabShack in Whistler, BC

First day's ride of BRAG Rippin Up the Rockies - fast friends...

Duffey Lake, north of Whistler BC -  2001 Buell Blast enjoys a moment's rest.
A great day of riding consists of fantastic roads, good weather and lots of places to pass the caged traffic.

 George and Mary rode the demo XB9S Buells for the day.

Neighbourly Buells - 2001 Buell Blast and 2000 X1 Millennium edition
Many riders stopped for lunch and fuel in Lillooet then continued on toward Kamloops, our next destination.

lillooet03med.jpg (22111 bytes)lillooet01med.jpg (21808 bytes)

BRAG riders dispersed, taking different routes to our next destination; Kamloops.

kamloops01med.jpg (22088 bytes)

BRAG members cool off after a great day's ride.

Leisure time included cooling off in the hotel pool.Shooting the breeze with local Harley Davidson riders... better than fishing stories!

Kamloops Harley-Davidson - thanks for hosting the BRAG barbeque!

Kamloop's Harley-Davidson/Buell hosted the BBQ.
Thanks to Jessie and staff for the fabulous steak and fixings.



Tom's severely modified X1 - Kamloops HD-Buell

Tom's tricked out Buell X1 got much oftomzcreation01sm.jpg (11145 bytes)the attention with it's unique 'bobtail' and extra details.







Rider's meeting - Kamloops BRAG Rippin Up the Rockies participants and organizers

Friday morning we left Kamloops for Banff, Alberta.
Some took the planned route along Hwy 1, while others went southeast.

BRAG event ready to ride - destination Banff Alberta.

Both routes had their own set of adventures.

A quartet of Buells Rippin Up the Rockies - X1, M2 and P3


Hwy 1 had sporatic road construction but the breathtaking Rocky Mountains more than compensated.


Panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains



A group that rode via Hwy 97 encountered a snag in the schedule.

But from what I hear, missing the ferry granted the riders a spectacular photo opportunity involving extreme twisties.
I look forward to seeing those! - Canadian motorcycle riding in southern British Columbia.

Enjoy my collection of photos.
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