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Rippin' Up the Rockies - June 2003

'Peggy' - a 2001 Buell Blast. White Bros E-series exhaust, K&N filter, rejet and packed for a week's worth of riding!
At the start of any road trip there's a certain amount of trepidation. Leaving the comfort of home can reduce your feeling of security.

When on a road trip the one thing that gives a sense of belonging is your motorcycle. I relied on my 2001 Buell Blast and an enthusiasm for motorcycling to ease into this group
From Vancouver to Whistler - Buell photo op at construction zone. road trip.

The first Canadian BRAG Touring Rally from June 6 to 8th, 2003 was an experience not to be forgotten. I enjoyed meeting new and wonderful people, mingling with like-minded individuals; from the first night in Whistler meeting twenty-plus participants, to the final day at Race City in Calgary watching SuperBike racing.

Marcel Cloutier from BRAG (Buell Riders Adventure Group) organized a brilliant motorcycle road trip. Buell riders ventured from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Washington State and parts of British Columbia to take part in this organized rally.

A man of the people, Erik Buell makes many motorcycle enthusiasts happy.

As it turns out the thrills weren't just on the bikes. The first nightErik Buell pens a beautiful signature on Tom's Buell M2. in Whistler BC was fantastic, with Erik Buell speaking at the opening ceremonies. That was definitely a highlight to this BRAG event. Erik Buell humbly spoke some words of wisdom before succumbing to fan requests to autograph anything from the shirt on their back to helmets and motorcycles. Yes, I was star-struck like everyone else!
That's me with Erik Buell on the left and Len Creed on the right.
There was also a celebrity among Canadian riders, Len Creed, owner/editor of Canadian Biker Magazine who attended the entire BRAG event. The opportunity to ride and socialize with him provided a glimpse of the man behind the mag.John's Millenium edition X1 enjoys special attention from creator Erik Buell.

Having the Buell Demo team as our sweeper truck took the worries out of riding. An opportunity to ride a demo Buell and have the Demo team trailer your motorcycle to the next destination was available for the entire event.

Deeley's House of Buell - Demo truck and Team consists of Jose and Tim. Good luck across Canada this summer, guys!


Since this road trip wasn't a led group ride it had a leisure approach. Everyone rode at their own pace and smaller groups of apt riders naturally formed as the days progressed.

The dynamics of each day's ride was determined by the terrain and the group you rode with, providing a truly unique experience. Twisty coastal mountain highway straighten into long sweeping turns that lead to roads winding up and over the Rocky Mountains. - Canadian motorcycle riding in southern British Columbia.

Enjoy my collection of photos.
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