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Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

BorderRaid Annual Group Motorcycle Ride


A motorcycle adventure is about the exhilarating ride.
But the people definitely enhance the experience!

Enjoy these photos from our annual Labour Day weekend motorcycle ride.
This spirited weekend begins in Whistler, British Columbia.
After sprinting up the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver, the group enjoys an evening of fun and relaxation.

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Colourful people make for an interesting motorcycle roadtrip adventure!Here's to our final group ride of the motorcycle riding season... cheers!


Just another night indoors, among friends...How do devoted parents of a 9 year old up and coming motorcycle racer spend their free time?  Well, riding of course!


I know what you're thinking. Classy Grand Marnier meets urban modern plastic booze bottle. Quantity baby!Our sponsors are duly obscured but I'm sure you get the idea!


Loni sports a vintage style shirt depicting Trev Deeley in his heydey. North meets South

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