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Border Raid 2003

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Monday morning and it's back to reality. But got to ride there first!

Motorcyclists Duane and Bob survey the bikes as we prep to head home.


A hearty breakfast preps us for the vigorous motorcycle journey home.

Galen and the Canadians... (sounds like a rock group)Rehydrating after a night of depleting the fluid. Lisa, John, Jim and Duane.








Good breakfast, good friends. Sorry Don, I always seem to catch you eating! Bob and Debbie share a moment. Okay.. that's enough!








Brandon and Lo - us loud pipes have to stick together!
Ready to leave Penticton, homeward bound. John, Deb, Brent, Harv and Jimmy










Cindy, Don, Lisa, Galen and Brandon - good sports to ride with. Jim, Eric and Stuart - ready to ride from Penticton.









Lo and Lisa - fast friends hate to say goodbye.

Let's not say good-bye... til next time my friends!


A junction in Keremeos, B.C. is where the American and Canadian motorcyclists split off and head for home.

Our crew is smaller now, and the first few kilometers are melancholic. I never thought seeing a radar trap would cheer me up. But on this trip it did!


It helps to know when to spare the throttle.



In Keremeos, B.C. our group splits off. Americans head south, Canadians go west. Ride on...

Our group of 10 motorcycles pass a car and return to the slow lane, maintaining the speed limit.

That same car (ignoring the warning flashes from oncoming motorists) passes us. Collectively we're all droning the mantra, "Speed up, Get that Ticket!"

Sure enough, on the road ahead a cop saunters to the middle of the highway, signalling the car to pull over. Wahoo!

What was that driver thinking?
Sportbikes pass and maintain the speed limit, so I'd better pass  them all?!

Motorcycle Mamas - Lisa, Deb , Cindy and Lo

Well, I've just got to say it was the best payback on the entire trip.

It took everything in my power not to honk and give the thumbs up as we ease by the roadside commotion.

A spirited ride along Old Hedley Road soon gets us into the motorcycle zone again before integrating with the returning holiday traffic.

This trip was a success, although our group began to split as early as Whistler. Some stayed to play in the mountains while the rest of us enjoyed the backcountry twisties of Southern British Columbia.

Even with a group this large, our friends in Whistler were sorely missed. Glad everyone had a great time. I look forward to next season.

That's all for Border Raid 2003.

BCrider Guy (copyrighted)

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