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Border Raid 2003

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Motorcycling in the mountains...

Men in black... riding motorcycles. Border Raid 2003

...onward to the alpine country of South Central British Columbia.


Bob tries out the new Buell XB12 during a rest stop on Border Raid 2003Make a Buell your own - this bathing beauty adorns Steve's Buell M2.






Brandon secures the muffler mount on his Buell S1



Minor mechanical problem encountered along the way was a broken muffler mount. Easily remedied with the right material on hand.


Broken axle nut. Rear wheel on 2001 Buell Blast P3.



I am continually amazed at the dynamics of a group motorcycle ride. Riders of all ability pull together when a member has problems.

A cutting wheel cuts the redi-rod down to size to temporarily locate the axle on my 2001 Buell Blast





This trip I was a recipient of that generous nature.

A potentially serious problem happened to my Buell Blast. At a gas stop Don noticed the rear axle nut had broken off. Bailing wire secured the axle in place so I could limp 20 km to Kamloops for further assessment.

I rode the motorcycle very conservatively until the next stop. The group stayed close, making sure the band-aid fix held up. Duane and Lisa gave a reassuring thumbs up during the seemingly long trek to Kamloops. With this group's support, I was confident in arriving in one piece.Don supports the rod while Canadian Tire Guy cuts to fit on the rear axle of my 2001 Buell Blast


Canadian Tire had everything we needed. For only $9 the problem was fixed with 1/2 inch redi-rod, some washers, nuts and a small dose of lock-tite to locate the axle.

Deb lends support while Canadian Tire guy wrenches the final bolt on my Buell Blast's axle.





Thanks to Stuart from Deeley's and all the others that jumped in and helped provide a secure fix until a proper replacement axle can be installed.

Temporary fix for broken axle nut on my 2001 Buell Blast P3. Left side rear wheel.


We are lucky to know similar spirited and generous people with a passion for motorcycling.

Right rear wheel axle nut on 2001 Buell Blast. Temporary fix for a cracked axel bolt.





Falkland, BC - burnt trees still stand after wildfire ravaged the area.



This Summer was plagued with wild fires.
Riding through Falkland, B.C. we saw some of the fire devastation.

The road cut through a burned out section of standing trees.
A sign begs sightseers not to stop.
We hurry past bare foundation, remnants of a fireplace the only hint that a dwelling once stood there.

Riding south beyond Kelowna, we saw billowy smoke on the far hillside but that was the extent of it. Thankfully, smoke did not impede our travels.


Stuart from Deeley's House of Buell rode the Buell XB12. Harv has an X1 and Brandon's S1 is bad-ass loud.




Sunday night in Penticton, B.C.

Dinner, drinks and a bit of comedic melo-drama inspire us far into the night.

Bob, Debbie and Steve enjoy the evening in Penticton.



Well... some more than others.


American motorcycle riders... Lisa, Duane, Bob & Deb - present and accounted for.




Lisa, Cindy & Lo. Happy motorcycle chicks freshen up with a beverage or two...






Smoking section... Brandon, Jim and Eric enjoy the fresh air of Penticton.


Eat, Drink and be Merry.

Tonight we party...

Tomorrow it's homeward bound.

A shot in the dark. Fun Jimmy & Galen kick back after a long fun day of riding.







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