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2001 Buell P3 Blast photos

The Buell Blast fits a beginner and small motorcycle rider.

The 2001 Buell Blast is a fantastic motorcycle for those just learning and for shorter people (experienced or not) such as myself.

The controls are perfect for smaller hands and limbs and the pegs are in a standard riding position.

I enjoy riding a sport-style motorcycle that can iron out wrinkles in the road.

The Blast is great for flicking through the curves and can keep up with the big boys... at least a little.

These photos were taken of my stock 2001 Blast, before  modifications.

2001 Buell Blast, 492cc motorcycle, single cylinder, 25 inch seat height for small and beginner motorcyclist.
The Buell Blast is 380 lbs, but the low slung weight makes it easier to handle.


 Right side of 2001 Buell Blast motorcycle

A good view of the stock header and muffler. Hopefully the project for this winter is replacing that with a nice aftermarket pipe.


2001 Buell Buell - left side view
The Buell Blast comes with a choice of two seat heights. Mine has the 25 inch saddle.


Lo on her new 2001 Buell Blast
I can control this motorcycle much better knowing my feet are firmly planted on the ground...
that's a new concept for me on a sport bike!



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2001 Buell Blast! logo


Blast Mods

2001 Buell Blast

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Re jet carburetor

After-market exhaust

White Brothers E-Series exhaust system for the 2001 Buell Blast





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