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Diagnostic Trouble Codes on DDFI Buell Motorcycles
Dynamic Digital Fuel Injection (DDFI)


yeah, it's him Don Scott
1999 Buell S3 Pro Series
Don't want to spend money on a Scanalyzer?

Here's a quick and cost-effective way to get the trouble codes needed for diagnostic purposes.

Connect pins 1 and 2 with a jumper wire Only a 2" jumper wire is required to connect pins 1 & 2

Using the jumper wire, connect pins 1 & 2 in the diagnostic port located just behind the steering head. To run the test procedure turn on ignition but do not start engine.

Trouble code is displayed by flashing engine light on the tachometer.

A transmission code of 6 fast flashes followed by a 2 sec pause then a series of slower flashes indicate the first and second digits of the code.  Either another code will be displayed or the transmission code will repeat.

If the jumper wire is remove while the engine is running,
the check engine lamp will continue to flash trouble codes.
Just turn off ignition to clear.

Below is a Table of Trouble Codes, which will enable you to troubleshoot any problems by referring to the Service Manual or certified Service Dealer.

DDFI Trouble Codes

Code No. Fault Condition
11 Throttle position sensor
13 Oxygen sensor
14 Engine temperature sensor
15 Intake air temperature sensor
16 Battery voltage
23 Front fuel injector
24 Front ignition coil
25 Rear ignition coil
32 Rear fuel injector
33 Fuel pump
35 Tachometer
44 Bank angle sensor
52, 53, 54, 55 ECM failure
56 Cam sync failure

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